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Why Choose Millibolt?

MILLIBOLT HEALTHTECH is a next generation startup, building and offering innovative solutions to the healthcare system.

Modern Medicines

Establish the most advanced, scientifically based, and statistically validated diagnostic and therapeutic approach for patients.

Innovative Products

Enhancing the quality of healthcare delivery by developing new and improved interventions, technologies, and delivery methods.

Best Quality

Our products are effective, safe, affordable, accessible and customer-centric.

About Our Company

MILLIBOLT HEALTHTECH is a next generation startup, building and offering innovative solutions to the healthcare system.

The aim is to build and offer a wide range of innovative products and services that are a kind of therapeutic interventions, diagnostics, informative, predictive and management solutions targeting a wide range of stakeholders associated with the healthcare sectors and common people to improve their health and well-being.

The name acquired from -

The name “Millibolt” derives from the unit of action potential (Millivolt), which is crucial to the functioning of our vital organs. Developing interventions that are accessible, affordable, and effective is our goal. We are is committed towards “A Fair Healthcare for All.”


Our company is seeking to partner with individuals, researchers, academicians, and firms that are working on innovative ideas and want their research findings to be translated into commercial business. Contact us for partnership opportunities –

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Millibolt Healthtech is focused on enhancing value for its investors. Our products and services have the potential to create social impact by creating value for investors. As a company, we are committed to corporate governance principles such as transparency, accountability, and equality for all its shareholders.


Product Categories

The company provides innovative healthcare products with a focus on modern medicines, ayurvedic medicine, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, diagnostics, and more. Our products are manufactured in a GMP certified facility under the supervision of qualified and trained staff, and are quality tested before they reach our customers.


Multiple Segment Products

We work on many fronts toward achieving universal health care. As a result, we strive to provide quality healthcare in an integrated manner.

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