Reforming Healthcare Interventions with Scientifically Validated and Evidence-Based Medicines

We are a dedicated team of a visionary scientists, making medicines with care.


About Our Company

Millibolt Healthtech is a next-generation startup that is reforming the healthcare interventions. Established in 2021, our core mission is to develop and provide a diverse array of ground-breaking products and services that encompass therapeutic interventions, diagnostics, informative resources, predictive solutions, and management tools.

Our primary focus is to cater to a wide range of stakeholders involved in the healthcare sector, as well as the common people, with the ultimate goal of enhancing their health and overall well-being.


Our company is seeking to partner with individuals, researchers, academicians, and firms that are working on innovative ideas and want their research findings to be translated into commercial business. Contact us for partnership opportunities –

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Our offerings seamlessly combine scientifically validated and evidence-based medicines, ensuring the delivery of safe and effective healthcare that remains accessible at an affordable price. Our products are made from high-quality herbs sourced from trusted suppliers.

STAMX Capsules for male vitality.
Health Supplement

STAMX Shilajit Capsule

Psoriacure Ointment for Psoriasis, dermatitis, itchy, scar and dry skin
Gel & Ointments


Gel & Ointments


Why Choose Millibolt?

MILLIBOLT HEALTHTECH is a next generation startup, building and offering innovative solutions to the healthcare system.

Modern Medicines

Establish the most advanced, scientifically based, and statistically validated therapeutic approach for patients.

Innovative Products

Enhancing the quality of healthcare delivery by developing new and improved interventions, technologies, and delivery methods.

Quality & Assurance

Our products are effective, safe, affordable, accessible and customer-centric.

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