STAMX Shilajit Capsule


STAMX Capsules offers a holistic solution for sexual health. It helps enhance libido, improve erectile function, increase stamina, reduce stress, and support overall vitality. The natural ingredients draw from traditional wisdom and adaptogenic properties.

Indication: Sexual Health

Composition: Asphaltum Punjabianum (Shilajit), Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha), Chlorophytum borivilianum (Musli), Tribulus terrestris (Gokhru)


STAMX Capsules is a well-researched and scientifically developed formulation that helps improve male vitality. STAMX is a specialized fusion of natural herbs that support sexual health and overall vitality.


Facts from Ayurveda and modern research

Shilajit, often used in traditional medicine, to boost energy and stamina, potentially benefiting sexual health indirectly by increasing overall vitality. It enhances libido and sexual performance.

Ashwagandha, is an adaptogenic herb known for its stress-reduction and rejuvenation properties. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, which have a positive impact on sexual function and desire. It has the potential to boost libido and enhance sexual performance.

Safed Musli, is an Ayurvedic herb used for its potential aphrodisiac properties. It helps improve sexual desire and performance. It helps increase testosterone levels and sperm count, contributing to better sexual health

Gokshura, is used for its potential to raise testosterone levels, which have an impact on sexual health. It has been reported to enhance sperm production, erectile function, and sexual desire, especially in individuals with low testosterone levels.